1 I have to leave school because of an appointment with the dentist or doctor, a music exam etc?
Bring a note from a parent or guardian asking permission for you to leave school, stating the reason. Show this note to Mr McCarthy or the Vice Principal, immediately after assembly. They will sign it and you can then show it to the teacher whose class you need to get out of. On the way out of school you should go to the office to sign out leave your note with the office staff.
2 I feel sick?
If you are in a classroom, tell the teacher. If this happens during break or lunch, tell the School Secretary and she may bring you to the Medical Room. If your teacher is sending you to the Medical Room he/she will give you a note for the Secretary.
3 I lose something?
Report the loss to Mr Best in the Art suite. Mr Best is in charge of lost property. If you lose your dinner ticket pass report the loss to Ms Edgar in the school office and she will arrange for you to have school dinner. If you find something such as a purse or pencil case, you should hand this in to Mr Best.
It is important to write your name on your dinner tickets as soon as you get them.
4 An after school activity has been cancelled.
There is a payphone available in the school office so that you can phone home and make arrangements.
5 I have been absent and am returning to school?
Bring a letter from a parent or guardian explaining why you were absent, to your form teacher.
6 I arrive at school after 9.25am?
Report immediately to the school office for registration.
  7 I travel home by bus?
Your form teacher will tell you where to queue up on the first morning.
8 I am not participating in P.E.?
You must bring an excuse note from an adult in your home.
9 I am sent to the Staff Room on a message?
Knock the door and wait outside.
10 I have any other problems?
Talk to your form teacher.
11 The Principal enters my classroom?
Pupils are expected to stand up as a matter of courtesy and respect.
12 I am worried or unhappy?
Speak to your form teacher or year head or Mrs Murphy who operates the school counselling service.

!! Remember, if in any doubt or difficulty, ask an older pupil or teacher !!
!! There will always be someone to help !!