School uniforms are available from Ivan Jameson, Robert Davidson and Tom Morrow in Portadown.

School Uniform
White shirt
Regulation school blazer
Charcoal grey trousers
School tie
Black socks
Black leather shoes (not boots or training shoes)
School waterproof fleece with badge or plain black coat


P.E. Kit
School sports jersey (club soccer shirts will not be permitted)
Black shorts
School sports socks
Football boots/rugby boots
Training shoes
Shin pads

School Tracksuit
School Tracksuit top (Optional)
School Tracksuit bottoms (Compulsory)


A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all students:
hairstyles must be acceptable to the school
no extreme hair styles (e.g. no patterns cut into hair)
no extreme hair lengths (e.g. no less than a number 3 or longer than collar length)
no hair dyes or colourings
no jewellery with the exception of a watch