1 Students must behave responsibly, sensibly, politely and with common sense at all times.

2 Students must always try their best. Disruptive behaviour during lessons will not be tolerated.
3 Take pride in yourself and your school by acting in a manner which brings credit to yourself and enhances the reputation of the school.
4 Any form of bullying, will not be tolerated.
5 Arrive to school on time.
6 Be punctual to lessons, bring all necessary equipment and make it as easy as possible for teachers to teach and students to learn.
7 Wear your uniform correctly at all times and with pride. Students must adhere to school uniform regulations. This includes bringing a school bag every day.
8 Walk on the left. Never run
9 Line up in single file outside each room.
10 Do not enter until the teacher gives you permission.
11 Nobody in corridors at lunch time except to go to Library. 8th year cloakrooms are out of bounds at lunch time unless the weather is very inclement.
12 Break time - no pupils upstairs
13 Schoolbags to be placed against the walls or in appropriate cloakroom.
14 Dining Hall:
proper orderly queues
clear table after use and pick up anything which may have fallen on the floor
exit by side doors only
absolutely no food or drinks to be taken out of the Dining Hall
water should not be consumed in the classroom
15 Valuables should be left at home
16 Put litter in bins
17 School Entrance and Exit - front gates only
18 Never leave school without the permission of a member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT).
19 Out of bounds areas:
all grass areas to front of school plus all wooded areas
staff car parking areas
bicycle sheds except when leaving or collecting a bicycle
20 Chewing gum and energy drinks are totally forbidden. The possession of large items of confectionary and the selling of items to other students will incur serious sanctions.
21 Mobile phones are not allowed.
22 Shaved hair is not allowed, (below for example, a number 3). Extreme hair styles/ hair colourings/tints/dip dyes or shaving of hair are NOT PERMITTED at KJHS. Senior Leadership Team ( SLT) to determine extreme. If in doubt, check with a Year Head before having your hair styled.
23 It is the responsibility of the pupils to ‘catch up’ on work missed up to one week and the teacher will assist the pupil to catch up on the work if the absence is more than one week.

General Classroom Rules

1 Arrive to your class on time.
2 Come to lessons with homework completed.
3 Come to class properly equipped with books and utensils.
4 Do not eat in class.
5 Put up your hand before answering or speaking.
6 Listen carefully to your teacher and follow instructions the first time they are given.
7 Treat others, their work and equipment with respect.
8 Show respect at all times to your teacher.
9 Treat school property with respect.
10 Bad/rude language must not be used.
If pupil absence is less than one week it is the responsibility of the pupils to ‘catch up’ on work missed. For longer absences the teacher will assist the pupil to catch up on the work if the absence is more than one week.