1 Walk on the left. Never run

2 Line up in single file outside each room. Do not enter until the teacher gives you permission
3 Nobody in corridors at lunchtime except to go to Library. 8th year cloakrooms out of bounds at lunchtime
4 Break time - no pupils upstairs
5 Schoolbags to be placed against the walls
6 Dining Hall:
proper orderly queues
clear table after use and pick up anything which may have fallen on the floor
exit by side doors only
absolutely no food or drinks to be taken out of the Dining Hall
7 Valuables should be left at home
8 Put litter in bins
9 School Entrance and Exit - front gates only
10 Never leave school without the permission of the Principal or one of the Vice Principals
11 Out of bounds areas:
all grass areas to front of school plus all wooded areas
staff car parking areas
bicycle sheds except when leaving or collecting a bicycle
12 Chewing gum is totally forbidden