1 Any pupil discovering an outbreak of fire should inform the nearest member of staff, or if no member of staff is available, break the glass in one of the fire-alarm points using something solid e.g. the heel of a shoe.

2 An INTERMITTENT RINGING of the bell will sound. This is the signal to leave the building.

3 Leave all your belongings and follow your teacher (or if unaccompanied, make your own way) to the nearest available exit.

4 Walk quickly (but do not run) and quietly (so that you can hear instructions).

5 If you find your exit route is blocked, then make your way to the nearest exit. Do not panic.

6 Once outside, make your way to the playground beside the Tennis Courts, and line up there in forms, 8th years nearest the grass pitches.

7 A roll call will then be taken.

8 No one may return to the building for any reason until instructed to do so by a member of staff.

!! Always obey instructions !!
!! Always move quickly and quietly !!
!! The safety of others could depend on your behaviour !!