School starts for Year 8 pupils on Friday 31st August 2018 at 10.00am. Pupils and their parents are invited to the school where they will be welcomed by Mr McCarthy (our Principal). While your parents will be given information about the school, you will meet your Year Heads and Form Teachers. You will get your timetable and have a guided tour of the school. The morning will end with a tea/coffee break, finishing at 12.00pm.

Only year 8 pupils will be in school on Monday 3rd September.
All pupils will be in school from Tuesday 4th September.

What should I bring with me on my first day at Killicomaine Junior High School?

school bag
pencil case with stationery (see list below)
a snack for 'break' if required
a packed lunch or money for cafeteria

Stationery list:

blue ink pen or roller ball
blue biro
red biro
coloured pencils

file block
glue stick

You will be given textbooks and exercise books in your classes.
Be careful not to lose them as you may be charged for their replacement.