Mr C McAleese
Vice Principal

Mr McAleese moved to K.J.H.S. in September 2004 as Vice Principal. He previously had taught in Dromore High School and Lisnagarvey High School. He has responsibility for the pastoral system, staff development, school administration and he deputy designated teacher for child protection. He did a teaching practice in Killicomaine a "few" years ago!

Mrs B Porter
Head of English

Mrs Porter is the Head of our English department. She taught in Belfast for one year and has spent the rest of her career in Killicomaine. Mrs Porter is very keen on theatre and has organised many visits to professional and amateur productions. She promotes drama within the school by writing and producing school performances.

Mrs H Doogan

Mrs Doogan has been teaching in KJHS since 2000 and wears many hats! In charge of producing the school magazine, the school drama production and literacy across the school she also acts as teacher in charge of the library. With a special interest in children’s literature, which developed at university, she is keen that all pupils share in and value this through the many avenues offered at KJHS. Mrs Doogan also loves cooking, tennis (playing) and rugby (watching)!.

Mrs C Maxwell

Mrs Maxwell arrived in Killicomaine in September 2006, after spending one year teaching in Clounagh Junior High School. She is an enthusiastic English teacher who has a special interest in drama, and working with pupils who have English as an additional language. Mrs Maxwell enjoys spending her free time reading, walking her dog and watching rugby!
Mrs Blair

Mrs Blair joined Killicomaine Junior High School in 2016.

Mrs E Campbell
Head of Mathematics

Mrs Campbell taught in Antrim for one year and has spent the rest of her teaching career in Killicomaine.
She enjoys working with data and likes to play the piano in her spare time.

Mrs D Camblin

Mrs Camblin is a former pupil of Killicomaine Junior High School. She taught mathematics and physics at Portadown College before moving to Killicomaine in September 2007.

Mrs C McAlister
Head of Science

Mrs McAlister's specialist subject is microbiology. She enjoys developing Active Teaching and Learning Resources for science. She also assists with Scripture Union.
Mrs L McAleese

Mrs McAleese joined Killicomaine Junior High School in September 2000. She specialises in Chemistry and has a keen interest in S.T.E.M. Mrs McAleese also helps out with 8th year girls' hockey.
Mrs K McCormick

Mrs McCormick taught for 4 years in Belfast and then 13 years at a school in Lisburn before moving to the Science department in Killicomaine Junior High in 2015. She teaches Biology, Chemistry and General Science.
Mr G Whitehead

Mr Whitehead joined Killicomaine in 2015.
Mr Whitehead’s specialist subject is Genetics. He enjoys developing Active Teaching and Learning Resources for science. He teaches Physics, Biology, General Science and PE. Mr Whitehead also coaches rugby at the school.
Mr A Chambers
Head of History

Mr Chambers joined Killicomaine in 2014. He teaches History and P.E.
Mrs J Murphy
Head of Geography
Designated Teacher for Child Protection and Responsibility for School counselling service
Mrs Murphy coaches Year 8 Boys' Hockey, is a qualified First-Aider and is the school coordinator for European studies. She is also the School Council Coordinator and is responsible for the School disco supervision.
Mrs K Ball

Mrs Ball teaches Geography as well as coaching Yr 8 Boys Hockey. Before teaching, Mrs Ball worked in Canada with an organisation called ‘Youth For Christ’. She loves outdoor sports, travelling and supporting Tottenham!
Ms G Davidson
Head of Art and Design

Ms Davidson joined Killicomaine in 2013. She teaches Art and runs an after school Art Club.
Mr I Best
Art and Design

Mr Best has taught in Killicomaine Junior High School since 1975. He runs the Christmas parties and the ski trip.
Mr J McClenaghan
Head of Technology and Design

Mr McClenaghan is head of the Technology & Design Department. He coaches the 9th Year soccer teams.
Mr W Usher
Year Head
Technology and Design

Mr Usher teaches Technology & Design. He coaches soccer after school and organises the annual outdoor pursuits trip to Killowen.
Mr N Forbes
Technology and Design

Mr Forbes is an ex-pupil of KJHS and teaches Technology & Design and Mathematics. He is also a qualified First-Aider.
Mrs D McClenaghan
Head of Languages
Year Head

Mrs McClenaghan is Head of Modern Foreign Languages. She specialises in French. She is also Year Head and enjoys getting to know her year group. She participates in Scripture Union.
Mrs C Moore

Mrs Moore teaches Spanish.
Mrs L Hawthorne

Mrs Hawthorne teaches French and also some Spanish classes. She helps with year 9 hockey.
Mrs J Finlayson
Head of Home Economics

Mrs Finlayson is a former pupil of Killicomaine JHS. She is teacher in charge of Home Economics and helps run the ‘School Nutrition Action Group’ within school. She assists the HeartStart Emergency Life Skills Course after school.
Miss K McCollum
Home Economics
Year Head

Miss McCollum taught Home Economics in Glasgow before moving to Killicomaine Junior High School.
Mrs Brady
Home Economics

Mrs Brady joined Killicomaine Junior High School in 2016.
Mrs H Furphy
Religious Education

Mrs Furphy is in charge of the RE department and also teaches English. She coaches netball and participates in the Scripture Union.
Mrs W Radcliffe

Mrs Radcliffe is teacher in charge of ICT. She takes Year 8 Netball and is a qualified First-Aider.
She is ICT co-ordinator in the school.
Mrs S Orbinson

Mrs Orbinson teaches ICT on a job sharing basis. She also teaches mathematics.
She is ICT co-ordinator in the school and runs an after school ICT homework club.
Mrs S Cordner
Year Head

Mrs Cordner is Head of Music as well as teaching some RE classes. She takes great pleasure in rehearsing with choir and orchestra after school and planning music for all major school events. In her role as Year Head she enjoys working with Pastoral Team and getting to know the pupils better.
Mr Kirk

Mr Kirk joined Killicomaine in 2016.
Mrs S Gardiner

Mrs Gardiner joined the school in 2014.
Mrs R Hillis

Mrs Hillis joined Killicomaine JHS in 2015 as a PE teacher. She teaches girls PE and Biology.
She is a year 8 form teacher. Mrs Hillis runs the girls hockey programme in year 8, 9 and 10.
She also runs the tennis and athletics programme in the summer term.
Mrs Hillis is a qualified first-aider.