Meet the Office Staff

Mrs H Woods
I start work at 8.15. My job entails typing letters and reports etc. for Mr McAleese as well as other members of staff. I take minutes at Board of Governors meetings and I record and keep track of school finances. I deal with and forward all emails which come in through the school email account and handle other general administrative work in the office.

Mrs N Edgar
I start work at 8.30. My job entails general administrative work in the office i.e. recording on the computer, pupil attendance, updating new addresses and contact numbers. I deal with all queries from pupils, teaching staff, parents and outside agencies.
Meet the Librarian

Mrs A Fulton
I was appointed to this role in November 2014. My aim as librarian is to ensure that all students and staff have ready access to as broad and relevant a range of reading matter, reference materials, research tools and information services as possible, in order to support teaching and learning throughout the school, facilitate independent learning, and encourage reading for pleasure. I hope my passion for reading and the benefits of, will enthuse and motivate all.
Meet the Technicians

Mrs J Lyttle
Home Economics Technician

My job involves the preparation of all worksheets. I also order and lay out the ingredients for practical lessons. Mainly I help keep the department running smoothly!

Mr C Burton
Design & Technology Technician

I work in the Technology & Design Department my main role is to assist the teaching staff in preparing materials and components for class projects and making sure everything is at hand and ready for classes. I also look after and maintain the tools and machinery and make sure relevant safety checks and risk assessments are carried out in accordance with CLEAPS. I ensure that the general health and safety and COSHH rules are in place in the Department and that materials and chemicals are stored safe and the department is well stocked. I do relevant paperwork and photocopying and prepare year booklets and exam papers as well as laminating class work when needed. I oversee general maintenance in the department and also around the school assisting the caretaker in his role and with maintenance and repair work in other departments when needed. I also have had the great pleasure of helping the Art department make props and scenery for plays and perform miracles on a daily basis with a glue gun and cable ties!

Miss A Litter
Science Technician

My job in the Science Department is very varied. It involves preparing experiments, setting up sensors and computers, and ordering and maintaining our equipment. I assist with the recording of pupils' results on computer and the preparation of departmental test and exam papers.
Meet the Assistants
Mrs B McKeown
Classroom Assistant (S.E.N.)
I started working here in 2002.
My duties include assisting pupils who have Special Educational Needs (S.E.N.).
I am also participating in the school's paired reading scheme which offers individual help for slow learners. I enjoy working in the school as I find the job very rewarding.
Mrs S Henderson
Classroom Assistant (S.E.N.)
I have been in position from September 2003, assisting Special Educational Needs pupils.
The work is enjoyable and very rewarding. I enjoy excellent working relationships with the teaching staff and pupils.
Mrs J McBurney
Pupil Assistant
I started working at the school in September 2003, assisting pupils with special needs. I enjoy working in a school environment and my job is very rewarding.
Mrs C Forbes
Pupil Assistant (S.E.N.)
I started Killicomaine in September 2005 working alongside pupils with special educational needs. I enjoy my job very much working within the school environment.
Mr J Henderson
Classroon Assistant
My role in school is to assisting pupils who have special needs. I coach boys' hockey in the school at all years. I also coach the 10th year football team.
Meet the Caretaker
Mr R Dickson
I have worked here since 2016. My day starts at 8.30am and I work through to 5.30. I am responsible for the security of the premises. I work all year round to keep both the school building and grounds in good order. I also deliver any heavy parcels and equipment throughout the school and take care of any day-to-day maintenance duties.