Science Trip to Cultra September 2010

The current year 9 pupils from all classes went on a day trip to the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum at Cultra this school year. The trip was part of a school Science project called ‘Back to the Future’.

Pupils travelled to Cultra by train and were split into four different groups, each group accompanied by a different Science teacher. Each group of pupils was assigned a different theme which they had to research while they were there.

These were:

‘Potions to Pills’

‘Thatch to Tile’

‘Matches to Microwaves’

‘Turf to Turbine’

All pupils were given a booklet to fill in as they progressed through the day.  They had to record the differences they saw in the houses and compare them with our houses today. 

The five main houses that were visited were:

 Drumnahunshin Farmhouse

Meenagarragh Cottier’s House

Tea Lane

 Portglenone Bank Manager’s House

Cruckaclady Farmhouse

Pupils also enjoyed going around the Folk Museum and looking at all the attractions, however, buying sweets at an old fashion sweet shop proved to be one of the most popular things to do on the day.

When pupils returned to school they spent a few periods of Science classes organising posters showing what they had learnt on the trip.  These posters are now on wall display.  The trip to Cultra turned out to be a success and all of Year 9, as well as anyone else involved in the trip,  thoroughly enjoyed the day out.