Every Thursday afternoon from 3:30 to 4:30 Mr Forbes takes an exciting after school activity called the Technology Club.

There are 20 members at the moment, though usually about 12 are actually there on any week as some come and go depending on what they are doing. It is a very elite club, only 20 can be there at any one time. There is a waiting list for new members who want to join! People from all year groups are in the club.

We can do any aspect of Technology & Design in the club, but of course most of us just want to make things! After we decide what it is we are going to make we design it and let Mr Forbes check the drawings. He gets the materials ready and we start to assemble it all. Each person is making something different. As we have free use of the equipment the only limit is your own imagination! If we are using specialist materials or components, like electronic parts not usually bought by school, we have to pay for those, otherwise its all free.

The pictures show some members of the club working on their projects. These include a Marble Maze, a Torch, a Chocolate Box, a Skittle Game, a Bowl Stand, a CD Rack, a Model Car and a Safe, among many others!